The Sybil Letters

These are just a few of the well loved and semi-well known “Sybil Letters” used to promote the greatest band that almost was.

I know what you’re thinking, “Where have you been Sybil?” Why haven’t you been out there slaying the injustice that is modern music with your ninja like throat strikes and stellar good looks?” Who says we haven’t? You see, it’s just that modern music is a vicious multi-headed beast that must be battled on many different fronts. So while you may think the Sybil machine is somewhere living the rock n roll lifestyle as only they can, in reality we’re behind the scenes going mano a mano with the likes of the Britneys and the Kanyes and yes the Kenny Gs – you may not know it to look at him, but Kenny G is a 10th degree black belt. So no, we’re not resting on our laurels, no sireebob. We’re busy being awesome behind the scenes so we can be extra awesome on stage this Friday night. Here’s the details.

WHO: Skyblue 72, The Tiles, Gina Chavez, Sybil
WHERE: Walter’s on Washington, 4215 Washington, Houston, TX 77007
WHEN: Friday, January 9th, 8:00pm
WHY: Because it will be so good you’ll never want to hear any other bands ever again. Plus a portion of the proceeds will go to benefit The Hunger Project.

Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. For advance tickets email or call 832.368.3455 and tell them that Sybil told you to buy some tickets.

A special thanks to The Tiles for letting us get in on this action. Hope to see everyone there and by the way, Happy New Year!

We’re rocking it down San Marcos way this Friday night. That’s right kids, San Marcos, TX, the home of the Texas State Bobcats. Now some may know this historic university as Southwest Texas State. And I, like many of you, may be questioning the reason for the name change. Well the only rational explanation that I can come up with is that somebody at Texas State finally looked at a map and realized that at best, they’re a south central university, but the minute you throw west in there, it’s just an out and out lie. So Sybil applauds the person with the moral fiber to correct the directional injustice that was levied upon this poor unfortunate university. Bravo you anal-retentive administrator. You’ll earn that position as a Rand McNally fact checker yet.

Now back to the important stuff. Sybil is tearing it up at Lucy’s in San Marcos with Pocket Fox and Four Men Walking. Details below:

Who: Sybil, Four Men Walking, Pocket Fox
When: Friday, September 5th, 9:00pm.
Where: Lucy’s, 141 E Hopkins St. San Marcos, TX 78666

This uberjam is being put on by Karma, Inc..

Look forward to seeing everybody there.

We had a great time at The Hole in the Wall last Saturday. Many thanks to Ben and everyone in Attack Formation plus Corinne Rose, for killing it up there.

Our next show is planned for September 5th, at Lucy’s in San Marcos. Pocket Fox will be kicking things off followed by Four Men Walking out of Houston and then your boys from Sybil. This night promises to be loud, obnoxious and everything a rock ‘n’ roll show should be. I’m going to go ahead and say it, it will be so good that Blue Oyster Cult and Foghat will be jealous. I know you’re probably saying, “Hang on a second Ryan, I don’t even know if Foghat and Blue Oyster Cult are still together or even alive for that matter.” Well you know what, I don’t either. But if they’re alive, they’ll be there taking notes. And if they’re dead, they’ll be sitting in rock n’ roll purgatory looking at us and saying, “You know, if we would have rocked like Sybil we’d be up in rock heaven right now with Hendrix, Lennon, Bonham, and all those cool guys, but instead we’re stuck here with Falco and Eddie Rabbit.”

Here’s the details all concise like:
Sybil w/ Four Men Walking & Pocket Fox
Saturday, Sept. 5th @ Lucy’s in San Marcos – 9:00pm. Doors at 8:00pm

And one final note. Now, normally I wouldn’t do this, but since I made a reference to all the good musicians in heaven, I felt it was necessary to note another that just recently showed up to help keep the music going strong for the folks upstairs. Leroi Moore, the longtime saxophonist for the Dave Matthews Band passed away yesterday afternoon due to injuries suffered in an ATV accident earlier this summer. He was one of my favorite musicians playing in one of my favorite bands. It just won’t sound the same.

If you like the rock ‘n’ r oll then may I highly suggest you make it to the Dirty Dog this Thursday, July 26th at 9:00pm for some of the tastiest, face melting rock n’ roll that you ever did hear. Sybil will be doing what they do best – which, as many of you well know, is to rock it wicked awesome style to the power of 10. To those that don’t know, let me briefly explain it. We take the normal amount of rock, say that of a Led Zepplin, a Soundgarden, or perhaps for those with a bit more modern inclination, a Foo Fighters and we take it 10 times higher, louder and more powerful thereby creating our own elite level of rock. We can do this because of our intense level of super coolness and handsomeness. I could go into more detail but you would probably need a PhD to understand it.

WHO: Sybil

WHAT: Loud Rock n’ Roll

WHEN: Thursday, July 26th@9:00

WHERE: Dirty Dog Bar –

WHY: Because if you don’t, you’ll miss the coolest thing ever.